The Refugee Legacy of the First World War


Series Introduction This year marks the centenary of the First World War’s conclusion. No doubt, the following posts will be but a drop in an ocean of writing that addresses a multitude of “legacies” of the First World War; from the culture of mourning to the rise of the United States as a global leader. Here, however, I wish to focus on one legacy in particular, the importance of which will not be lost on

Sharing More Than Language: Arabic-Spanish Intercambio, La Ciudad Invisible, 12.03.2018


Nestling into a cosy corner of the bistro La Ciudad Invisible, Madrid, last Monday evening, I had the honour of participating in a Madrid for Refugees’ Arabic-Spanish Intercambio; a spellbinding occasion that inspired more than mere language fluency, but an entire culture sharing experience. The linguist Vivian Cook once stated that given the appropriate environment, two languages are as natural as two lungs. The MFR intercambios more than live up to this claim and in

Truly Good Food – Chefugee, L’Artisan, 28.02.2018


As I stepped in from the cold evening drizzle and entered L’Artisan restaurant, I was overwhelmed by a delightful feeling of happy satisfaction and warmth. The sounds of clinking plates and crockery were seemingly chased about by those of animated chatter and chuckles that reverberated around the place. It was the unmistakable atmosphere that fills a room after a good meal, and this evening it was the atmosphere that filled the new home of Madrid

Joining Forces for the Holidays


This past holiday Madrid For Refugees held its own donation toy drive. We were able to collect so many great toys with the help of Kids&Us Mirasierra and British International School of Majadahonda for children under the age of 18. Thank you for partnering with us to help so many in need! Also, big thank you to our volunteers who helped collect and sort the donated toys and deliver it all in time for the holidays!      

Giving back through yoga with Yoga Loto and MFR


  There is an event for everyone with Madrid for Refugees, which is how I found myself lying in Retiro Park this past week alongside ten or so other international yogis. It was starting to cool off, with the sun in that twilight spot that casts soft light on the trees. The sounds of birds and joggers faded into the background as our guide, Eleanor from Yoga Loto, introduced herself and led us in a few

Outside with MFR: A hike and a swim in Pantano de San Juan


My name is Josie, I'm 22 years old and moved to Madrid three months ago to teach English. I have always loved the Spanish language and culture so I am in my element in Madrid! I love experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, and getting involved in volunteering projects. I came across MFR whilst researching volunteering opportunities in Madrid. It immediately struck me as a distinctively heartfelt non-profit organization that projected a real sense of

Refugee Food Festival


If you’re looking for a delicious way to support the refugee community in Madrid and to celebrate World Refugee Day, look no further than MFR’s and ACNUR’s co-collaboration with the Refugee Food Festival. Food is a powerful and universal way to bring people together, which is what inspired French NGO Food Sweet Food and their co-organizer, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, to found this unique culinary event. Last year as part of World Refugee

Figures at a Glance

World Refugee Day


Many of us are aware that the world is currently facing the biggest crisis of forcibly displaced people in history. The UN estimates around 65.3 million people* have been forced to flee their homes because of persecution, war, or violence. That's almost 1.5 times the population of Spain. When a person flees their country’s border for one of these reasons they’re defined as a refugee under international law. Even though a person may want to

Laughing for good reason—Madrid for Refugees’ first benefit comedy night


This past weekend was jam packed with events supporting Madrid of Refugees, including their first ever benefit comedy night! In collaboration with Freshly Comedy, Fox Jokes, and Stand Up Yours, Madrid for Refugees hosted two English comedy shows at the Beer Station, just off Plaza Santo Domingo. While guests swilled beers before the show, the comedians bellied up to the bar and said friendly hellos. Just before 9:30 pm, the first group made its way

Chefugee, Pop-Up Dinners Featuring Homemade Cuisines Around the World


Originally posted on Naked Madrid by Daphne Binioris Chefugees are monthly dinners organized by Madrid for Refugees, where the entire menu is prepared by a refugee seeking work opportunities in Madrid’s culinary scene. Six events have been held so far, each with a different location and setting, featuring foods from Syria, the Ukraine and Venezuela. The upcoming dinner will be from Cameroon and if you want to attend (I highly recommend you do), you can