Miraflores de la Sierra hosts Book Day evening & collaborates with Madrid For Refugees

Every year on April 23rd we celebrate National Book Day. The Miraflores de la Sierra Department of Culture joins the celebration with “La Noche del Libro” a special event in which they turn their municipal library into a cozy reading corner where various activities will take place, both inside the building and in the space that surrounds the entrance steps of the library itself (Calle Jerónimo Sastre, 6, 28792 Miraflores de la Sierra).

Books and reading take center stage at this event taking place in the evening of Friday, April 23. In this magical environment, between candles and whispering readings, neighbors and visitors will have the opportunity to participate in different activities, such as the interactive reading for children “El bosque cuenta contigo”, guided tours of the inside of the library explaining projects such as “El viejo roble” or activities for children outside the building, such as the “Juego de los Libros Amigos” or “La Bruja Quitavocales””. Throughout the event, a second-hand book stall will be set up, with the proceeds going to Madrid For Refugees. And at the Alamo, at dusk, the winning works of the cultural contest “Las Cuatro Estaciones de la Villa” will be read, accompanied with a violin performances from Marcos Núñez, professor at the Municipal School of Music. Radio Miraflores will also collaborate in this event and Javier Quevedo, its specialist in Literature and host of the program “El Lector Charlatán” on Sundays at 4:00 p.m., who will present a special program. Participants at the event can listen to this special program through the loudspeakers that will be placed outside the library while they participate in the designed activities.
The event will also host a presentation of the FotoLectura 2021 contest organized by the Community of Madrid in collaboration with the library.