We have an experienced professional electrician with solid references available for hire or full time employment. Continue reading“Electrician”



Professional tailor for men’s and women’s clothing with many years of experience and personalized service in Madrid.Continue reading“Tailor”



A refugee from Algeria is seeking an opportunity with over 400 hours of professional training and 5 years of experience with dog rescue missions in his home country. Continue reading“Veterinarian”



A refugee from Honduras, who fled his country under extreme persecution and survived, sought asylum here in Madrid. He is a stylist, with whom we have organized a few events already, actively trying to build his beauty clientele.Continue reading“Stylist”

Chefs and Kitchen hands


Abu lost his eldest son in the Syrian war and, forced to flee his country, left behind everything he knew to begin a new life in a safer place. He has recently left the refugees centre and is now looking forward to beginning a new life. For him, this would incorporate his dream of finding work as a chef; him and his younger sons’ dedicated profession in Syria. Two other refugees residing in Madrid

What is the current refugee situation in Spain


According to the latest reports, Spain is expected to receive roughly 35,000 asylum applicants: 17,000 refugees coming via Melilla and Ceuta; 15,000 relocated from other EU states as part of the EU ministers’ plan; and 3,000 others from additional refugee camps. The Community of Madrid said it expects to take in approximately 2,400 over the next two years, no official numbers have been announced. The situation is changing from week to week. To

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