Whatever you do, do something

Posted by madridforrefugees on March 12, 2017

I am enough of a scholar of history to be troubled by the present. I was born roughly fifty years after the holocaust; less than twenty years after the Khmer Rouge’s killing fields in Cambodia; the very same month that the genocide began in Rwanda. Perhaps you, like me, have been critical of the generation that came before, the generation that sat still, turning a blind eye and letting it happen. I’ve visited “Never Forget”
Maybe you’ve heard of Chefugee or attended one of the dinners, either ways you’ve liked the idea, and for that we say thank you! I’m here to tell you that Chefugee is an open project and that you or anyone else can start their own dinners. I come from the programming world and I know that what makes a great open source project is great documentation. But enough about programming over here, I’m going to

Raising awareness at Impact Hub

Posted by madridforrefugees on February 6, 2017

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On Thursday November 17th, Madrid for Refugees co-sponsored an event at Impact Hub, along with MakeSense and MKS Rooms, two social entrepreneurship organizations in Madrid. The name of the evening was The MKS Room for Refugees: Waynak. It focused on the artistic and entrepreneurial solutions that are being deployed in Spain and across Europe to promote awareness and rehabilitation with regard to refugees in those territories. Being an art aficionado myself, I was immediately drawn

Chefugee Mundial

Posted by madridforrefugees on December 12, 2016

It’s very easy to forget what’s behind the crisis that many refugees are currently facing. Despite the fleeting flood of news on the internet and other sources, we don’t usually have the opportunity of meeting the people facing this crisis, the ones that are actually suffering each day. I say fleeting because one day it seems like it’s the only problem in the world but after weeks of mourning, it’s as if the problem has

Fiesta Solidaria – My First MFR Event

Posted by madridforrefugees on December 8, 2016

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I haven’t been volunteering for MFR for a long time – it’s been what, two, three weeks maybe? But ever since I started, I liked the spirit and dedication of its members. I don’t remember exactly how I got to know about MFR – I think it was just by browsing the Internet, trying to find a cool NGO or Association where Spanish was not required (my Spanish being dramatically insufficient after 3 months of