Chefugee MFR

Project Chefugee, which started in April 2016, is MFR’s emblematic and most popular event. Chefugee hosts pop-up dinners cooked by refugee chefs who are seeking to establish themselves professionally in Madrid. All guests are welcome to participate in these dinners during which the refugees share their culture and stories through food and dialogue. Our goal: to provide a unique opportunity for refugees to share their home country’s rich culinary traditions and personal stories while earning decent wages.

Chefugee also organizes cooking classes hosted by our refugee chefs in collaboration with So Easy to Cook.

Built around the idea that food is refuge, the mission of Project Chefugee includes the following:

  • To raise funds to support refugees in their adjustment to their new lives
  • To provide paid opportunities for the chefs
  • To help chefs in gaining professional exposure
  • To raise awareness of the refugee crisis
  • To foster personal connections between people of all backgrounds.