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Job support for refugees

Finding a job is one of the biggest challenges refugees face in any country. MFR’s Jobs team is dedicated to helping refugees in Madrid confront this challenge, so they are able to get back on their feet and support themselves and their families. We do this in a number of ways, ranging from improving refugees’ CVs to providing them information about training and classes to connecting them with relevant employers.

We communicate with refugees either in person or online, carefully assessing their needs to provide the best support for each individual case.

If you are a refugee and would like the Job team’s assistance in your job search, or are simply interested in our activities, please fill out the questionnaire below so we can get in touch with you.

Hire a refugee

At MFR, we have a database full of qualified jobseekers who speak various languages and possess a wide range of skills. They come from different parts of the world and have gone through extreme hardships; now, they are eager to start a stable life in Madrid.

If you are a business or employer willing to consider job applications from refugees, please fill out the questionnaire below so we can match the excellent candidates we have in our database with potential positions at your company.

For other queries, please write to us at


Employment & Jobs Support Team

Martin Bounds
Employment Support Coordinator
Mar Garvía
Social worker & employment workshop facilitator
Chaimae Boudadi Ouazen
HR guidance & workshop facilitator
Gema Rosado Jordan
Social educator & workshop facilitator
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