Refugees Code

Our Refugees Code course teaches front-end development and web design to users, with the goal of boosting access to digital employment opportunities.

The approximately seven-month course is designed around a combination of independent work – through required readings, video content, and practical exercises – and two weekly lessons where students have the chance to ask questions and review exercises and materials as a group.

The volunteer Refugees Code instructors are highly qualified professionals with experience working in Spain’s and Madrid’s tech scene and are therefore uniquely positioned to offer real-world insights into getting a job in this industry. Students will also have access to complimentary masterclasses throughout the course to deepen their understanding of what’s happening in the world of tech.

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Refugees Code Team

Andrea Pérez
Refugees Code Coordinator
Miguel Saenz
Refugees Code Coordinator
Javier Quevedo
Student Recruiter
Filipe Gonçalves
Communications Manager
Xavi Julián
Curriculum Manager
Ricardo Boluda
Curriculum Manager
Moriah Costa
Content Creator
Marco Signorello
Jaime Vega
Pablo Pareja Tobes
Teresa Marbán Castro
Borja Guzmán del Río
Mayra Amador
Alejandro Reyes
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