MFR Coding

MFR Coding is a 6-month course which teaches computer programming to highly-motivated refugees and empowers them through coding to be able to learn professional skills, help them get work as software developers, and learn how to work on projects in a modern tech team. Students learn different topics to become a full Stack Software Developer:  CLI, GIT, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, and SQL/MongoDB.

The curriculum is based on the proven HackYourFuture program, but is customized based on the needs of our community. The program currently consists of 4 hours of weekly classes at MFR (Mondays: 18h-20h | Wednesdays: 19h-21h) and an individual student work plan. The program is taught by a volunteer staff of professional developers.

Students are accepted to MFR Coding following nominations from partner refugee organizations and an interview process. Students must be proficient in English or Spanish, have a proven interest in the field, and able to attend classes and complete the curriculum. MFR Coding currently has 6 students from all over the world (Nigeria, Jamaica, Eritrea, and Afghanistan).

MFR Coding Team

Coordinator: Andrea Ocarina Pérez

Instructors and teaching assistants: Alejandro Reyes, David Carvajal, Stephanie Pi, Ana Martínez, Anna Branco, Javier Díez, Javier Prats, Jonay Godoy, Ricardo Boluda, Teresa Marbán

Collaborate with MFR Coding

Volunteer as an Instructor or Teaching Assistant

Are you a programmer? Classes are currently held on Mondays 18h-20h and Wednesdays 19h-21h at MFR. We are always looking for more volunteers to help run the classes.

Be a guest speaker at MFR Coding

MFR Coding would like to invite tech professionals to visit the classroom for 20-30 minute presentations. An example of this could be a FrontEnd Engineer giving a 20 minute talk about what they do in their day to day, and spend 10 minutes answering questions from the students about the work that they do.

Host visits to your office

Many of our students have not worked in offices before. It’s important to us that in addition to their technical knowledge, they also feel comfortable in office settings. Hosting a speaker session on site at your office would be a great way to get involved, and allow the students the opportunity to get a better sense of what it means to work in tech.

Donate equipment

In order to expand MFR Coding, we are always looking for equipment with the following minimum requirements: Laptops with Core I5 Processor, HD 116GB, 4GB RAM.

If you are interested in collaborating, contact the MFR Coding Coordinator.