The Organization

Born out of the common will of dozens of strangers to act in regards to the refugee crisis affecting Europe, who met one summer day in 2015 to exchange their ideas, Madrid for Refugees (MFR) is now an established and growing organization. Its mission: to aid and empower refugees of all nationalities in Madrid through donation drives, fundraising campaigns, community outreach, and awareness campaigns. Composed entirely of dedicated volunteers, MFR joins ongoing efforts to help refugees living in Madrid in practical and immediate ways. We work closely with the Associacion Cultural La Kalle in the Centro de Acogida a Refugiados (CAR) Vallecas, with CAR Alcobendas, as well as with individual families.

Our efforts include:

  •      Coordinating donation drives for clothing, toiletries, and household goods
  •      Providing assistance finding housing and job offers
  •      Organizing classes at the refugee centers (yoga, guitar, language etc).
  •      Using social media presence to raise awareness of the ongoing refugee situation
  •      Organizing fundraising and awareness-raising events