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MFR accepts monetary and non-monetary donations. We are very grateful to our many donors, without whom none of this would be possible! For monetary donations: donate now!

Non-Monetary Donations

The MFR Donations Team coordinates donation drives to benefit the individuals and families living at refugee centers in Madrid, and we also respond to the specific needs and requests of refugees living on their own in the community of Madrid.

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How to donate:

Fill out the Donations Form to let us know what you’d like to donate from our Necessary Donations List.

For any questions, contact

Why can’t we accept everything?

Madrid For Refugees has no long-term storage space, so we can only accept donations that can go directly to a family in need. We are also committed to maintaining a high standard of quality and cleanliness for the items we deliver to refugees. Accordingly, we kindly ask that interested donors review the acceptable donations checklist before proceeding.

Collaborate with MFR Donations

Would you like to help the Donations Team?

Drive for MFR

We always need more volunteers with cars to pick up bulky donations, or to deliver donations to refugee families in the outskirts of Madrid.

Feel free to contact if you are interested in collaborating with MFR as a driver or hosting an event to collect donations on our Necessary Donations List.