UNHCR has collaborated on different occasions with Madrid For Refugees, supporting the efforts that the association is making to improve the lives of refugees in Spain through empowerment actions and promoting integration. In addition, since 2018, Madrid For Refugees has joined more than 500 organizations around the world as part of the UNHCR #WithRefugees coalition, whose objective is to promote tolerance and respect for people who have been forced to flee.


"MFR and CEAR have a shared goal and it is to help and empower asylum seekers, refugees and migrants by guiding them to achieve social and employment inclusion. In this goal we have been sharing synergies and developed training that thanks to the volunteers of MFR and their professionalism has greatly helped our users, who have not only networked among themselves but have also developed much-needed skills in the workplace, such as digital literacy, English, etc. Our collaboration with MFR is something that is natural and logical for the people we serve and we hope we can continue to count on MFR's help and continue to provide our support and expertise."

Centro de Acogida Vallecas

"One of the objectives that we set ourselves in the CAR (Refugee Reception Center) is the accompanied incorporation of residents into Spanish society. For this, there are times when we experience difficulties. For us, being able to count on MFR is like having a 'crutch' to be able to offer our users more support in times of need. From basic elements for new homes, specific training or individualized accompanied support - these are examples of some of our collaborations, which we hope to continue counting on MFR to do, as well as continue coordinating together with other partner groups close to CAR to make the aid more effective. MFR is humble and proactive, always offering effective support."

Refugiados Sin Fronteras
Refugiados Sin Fronteras has collaborated in various activities with Madrid For Refugees in a very positive way. The organization's dedication to the refugee cause is without question.

 Elis is an international multi-service provider offering textile, hygiene and wellness solutions. Elis has donated 50 complete sets of sheets, blankets and bath and hand towels for distribution to refugees, migrants and people at-risk of social exclusion. Read more


Lenovo has provided us with essential resources for the execution of our Refugees Code course between 2022 and 2023. These include the creation of a new role within the organization as the course owner and materials for our students. This collaboration has supported us to scale-up our operations.

Electronic Arts (EA)

"Electronic Arts is committed to engaging in the communities in which we live, play and work through educating the next generation, creating equality and access for everyone, and giving back to the community. We believe our communities should be safe, fun, and inclusive places to play. We proudly support charitable organizations focused on equality and inclusion across science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) education. Our goal is to help to strengthen underrepresented communities. Our Outreach EA Spain group has been having the fantastic opportunity to collaborate on various events and fundraisers organized by Madrid For Refugees, an NGO that is fully aligned with our vision of promoting inclusion, diversity, and education."


Honeypot has partnered with MFR to enhance our employability services, especially for professional profiles, providing CV creation workshops and mock-up interviews to our users, helping them connect with potential opportunities as well.

From AISE (Association of Senegalese Immigrants in Spain), we have a very good collaboration with MFR collaborating with clothing and other donations of basic items.