Donate: Cooking Solidario at home

Learn recipes from other countries and help a refugee chef from home

Founded in 2015, Madrid For Refugees (MFR) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to helping and empowering those in the local community who are refugees, asylum seekers, stateless, and migrants in need of international protection or at risk of social exclusion. The #CookingSolidario program started in 2018 and consists of face-to-face cooking classes led by refugee chefs passionate about sharing the gastronomy and customs of their home countries.

Due to the global health crisis, we wanted to come up with a creative way to continue helping our chefs. We have created this digital collection of #CookingSolidario recipes for you to make at home. All funds raised will be donated to the refugee chefs and to MFR to continue helping refugees in these times of need.

The #CookingSolidario e-cookbook features the following recipes:

Arepas Dulces | Chef Yoly | Venezuela
Grandma’s Sudanese Soup | Chef Ahmed | Sudan
Tolma | Chef Sirush | Armenia
Vegetable Soup | Chef Majed | Palestine
Vegetarian Kebab | Chef Hevin | Syria 

Spice up your meals with these amazing world flavors for a great cause, donate now!