Sponsor refugee family moving welcome kits

Directly support a refugee family in Madrid

Moving is stressful under any circumstances but can be doubly difficult when you’re managing a tight budget and have very few personal belongings. Many refugees who are leaving supported living do so with very limited funds; funds that are needed to pay for first month’s rent and essentials like groceries and utilities.

When you sponsor a family with a moving welcome kit, you are helping this family on their way to stability. With household necessities like sheets, plates, cutlery, towels and hygiene items taken care of, families have the basics necessary to get settled into their new flat and can focus on building their new lives. MFR works with a wide network of refugee and asylum seekers support agencies. These kits will be sent to refugee centers in the city of Madrid and to other individuals in need of support.

“Madrid For Refugees gave us a new opportunity to start over. My children and I arrived escaping from extortion in our country. Thanks to MFR and the donors, we were able to have basics like clothes, household and kitchen items to start our future here. We will always be grateful with everyone who made this possible!” – Andrea (Honduras)

“Starting from zero is a very difficult situation. Especially when you don’t have the financial means to do it. With this help, no doubt our situation was made easier” – Maria (Venezuela)

You may also donate through a direct bank transfer.

Direct Bank Transfer
*If you donate by bank transfer, PLEASE put your e-mail address in the “concept” and put “welcome kit” so we can send the donation receipt and thank you message!
Madrid for Refugees
IBAN: ES96 0081 0575 7800 0129 5031
CIF: G87483087

Donate items

In addition to financial contributions, we are also accepting physical donations of blankets, pans and pots in good condition in Madrid. Click here to donate these items.