Arabic-Spanish Language Exchange

Since 2017, Madrid for Refugees has been offering Arabic and Spanish language exchanges, an initiative designed to promote language learning and social integration among the diverse communities that congregate in Madrid.

Beyond a space to practice languages, our meetings are also an opportunity to explore new cultures and build bridges between them. We welcome anyone who is interested in joining our language exchange, where you will not only learn about the language and culture through conversation, but also you will get to meet a diverse group of people. With the objective of making the exchanges as productive as possible, we try to arrange participants into small groups according to their level and particular interest for dialects.

Through the exchanges, you can increase your confidence in speaking, and the process of learning and communicating in Arabic or Spanish will certainly become easier. The great advantage of a language exchange is the real contact with the foreign language and the culture, not just through a textbook or a recording.

Come to our Arabic-Spanish language exchange and experience it for yourself!


Arabic-Spanish Exchange team

Pascale Abou Moussa
Exchanges Coordinator/Moderator
Dominik Rodakowski
Exchanges Coordinator/Moderator
Paola Ponce
Exchanges Coordinator