About Us

Madrid For Refugees (MFR) seeks to aid and empower refugees of all nationalities in Madrid and abroad, through community outreach, awareness campaigns, donation drives and fundraising efforts.

Formed in August 2015 in response to the growing refugee crisis in Europe, MFR gained the status of an Association in the spring of 2016, and with it the ability to accept monetary donations. Made up entirely of volunteers, the association joins ongoing efforts to help refugees living in Spain in practical, immediate ways. MFR works closely with the Asociación Cultural La Kalle in the Centro de Acogida a Refugiados (CAR), Vallecas, Madrid where we run weekly music classes and football games for the refugees staying there. Other efforts include:

  • Organising donation drives for clothing and household goods
  • Connecting volunteer language teachers with refugee students
  • Offering a business support service to refugees trying to get their start-ups off the ground
  • Providing assistance finding housing
  • Finding translators and pro-bono legal assistance for refugees when requested
  • Using our social media presence to raise awareness of the ongoing refugee situation

Through donation drives, the association has contributed to shipments of much-needed supplies to refugees housed in camps abroad. We are in direct contact with NGOs operating on the ground in Lesbos and in Turkey to identify the most urgent, practical and secure campaigns to which we can contribute with our fundraising efforts.