Necessary Donations List

This is a list of the donations we are currently accepting, please only fill out our Donation Form if you wish to donate some of the listed items. This list is updated as our needs change and we have limited storage space. If you wish to donate something not on the list, (for example, clothes) please refer to this document List of Non-MFR Donation Sites with alternate places around Madrid where donations can be dropped off to other organizations.  If you have something unique, (for example, musical instruments or computers) please email us at so that we can assess the situation on a case by case basis.

Current List of Necessary Donations:

  • Unopened Toiletries; shaving cream, razors, cologne, body wash, shampoo, conditioner.
  • Newborn items; baby boy clothes and strollers
  • 14 year old boy clothes
  • Lightly used kitchen items
  • Bedding/pillows
  • Cleaning supplies
  • An Exercise bike
  • Basic household items: kitchen items (plates, pots, utensils etc.)
  • Washing machine