Job portals

Job portals play a crucial role in the modern job market, connecting job seekers with a vast array of employment opportunities. By consolidating job listings from various sources, these online platforms save time and effort for job seekers. With advanced search and filtering options, individuals can target relevant positions that match their skills and preferences. Job portals also provide a platform for creating comprehensive profiles, enabling employers to easily discover qualified candidates. Overall, job portals are highly relevant in streamlining the job search process and facilitating connections between job seekers and employers.

Even though any kind of job can be posted on any job portal, they tend to focus on specific fields, such as corporate jobs (legal, marketing, etc.), tech jobs (digital jobs, other forms of engineering or technical roles), nonprofessional jobs (salesman, cashier, plumber, etc.). The most relevant job portals to find opportunities in Spain are:

Portal Website Types of roles How to use it Corporate, tech and creative jobs English version, Versión en español Professional and non-professional jobs Versión en español Professional and non-professional jobs English version, Versión en español Professional and non-professional jobs Versión en español

Other job portals that can be relevant include:

Portal Types of roles Portal Types of roles
Glassdoor Professional jobs Professional jobs
Monster Professional jobs Opcionempleo Professional jobs
Xpatjobs Professional jobs Totaljobs Professional jobs
ThinkSpain Professional jobs Ticjob Professional Tech jobs
Tecnoempleo Professional Tech jobs ISG International Service Group Professional Tech jobs Professional and non-professional jobs Trovit Professional and non-professional jobs
Hosco Hospitality, tourism, catering Turijobs Hospitality, tourism, catering
Europe Language Jobs Language & Travel jobs Behance Creative jobs
Spain Internship Internships, Graduate jobs StudentJob Internships, Graduate jobs


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