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Chair: Georgie Smith
This team organises donation drives for refugee families living in the community or for those staying in the Centro de Acogida a Refugiados (CAR), Vallecas, Madrid. Appeals are made on social media and drop off times and locations are advertised. Volunteers collect and sort the donations and volunteer drivers take the donations (clothing, shoes, kitchen and household items, furniture, bedding etc.) to the refugees’ homes directly, or to the refugee centre.

Chairs: Felicia Beltran and Noah Wanebo
This team is in charge of organising and carrying out the events run by MFR. Several goals of these events are to raise money for a specific local or international cause, educate the people of Madrid on the current refugee situation, and encourage cultural and receptive integration among refugees and other local citizens.

NGO Relations:
Chairs: Cayte Cozad and Joe Gladow
The NGO team works to foster relationships with the volunteer and NGO base abroad in high-need areas such as Lesbos; the intention being to find reliable and worthwhile projects to champion. We work diligently to vet each possible project to ensure a meaningful impact can be made for refugees.

Apart from an international focus, this team also collaborates with local NGOs and Civil Society groups in a grassroots effort of solidarity to share resources and information. This boosts efficiency between groups, decreasing the overlap and creating niches where Madrid For Refugees can make a difference both locally and abroad.

Jobs and Community Integration:
Chair: Natalia Diaz
This team aims to empower refugees by assisting them with job placement and integration with the community of Madrid. We work in conjunction with the Centro de Acogida de Refugiados (CAR) Vallecas and UNHCR in collecting and distributing CVs to interested employers. The team also organises events and activities that play to refugees’ individual strengths to generate sustainable income-earning opportunities for their benefit. Apart from this, the team helps refugees build closer ties with the local community by providing them with information and personal guidance, when needed, about the city of Madrid and its basic services.

Chair: Christina Samson
This team handles media inquiries, manages MFR’s social media accounts and creates and curates original content for the MFR website and blog.

Business Support:
Chair: Murari Perumalsamy
This team advises and empowers individual refugees who are working to get their small business or service off the ground. Typical professions include hairdressers, personal trainers and chefs. The team helps review business ideas, establish a social media presence and supports the refugee to better market their services and track business progress.

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