MFR CV Workshop with Daniel Catalan

By Rachel Waterhouse, Madrid For Refugees Volunteer

As a prominent figure in Madrid’s thriving international community, Daniel Catalan is celebrated for his ability to write compelling stories about people from all walks of life. He has lent his talents to Madrid for Refugees, writing pieces to mobilize support for refugee and migrant-owned businesses, as well as for MFR’s fundraising projects. 

On February 22, Daniel will direct a professional, resume-writing workshop and MFR is delighted to invite you to take part. The workshops will have a maximum of only three participants, allowing you to take full advantage of your time with one of the best career advisors in Madrid. Best of all, all proceeds go to MFR’s ongoing projects

Daniel is the founder of his own writing and career services firm, where his storytelling skills and background in communications combine to craft artful CV’s, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for global clients across various industries. His hands-on, personalised approach gives each client a competitive edge in their job search, no matter their field, age, or country of origin.

His process, typically one-on-one, involves a preliminary interview with each client to assess their professional desires, strengths, and goals. He then conducts industry research, using his background in SEO copywriting, to build outstanding CV’s and cover letters in the language that recruiters and employers seek. Many people struggle to write about themselves, Daniel notes, while he enjoys relieving them of this task. His mission is to give voice to his clients’ talents and dreams, strategizing how best to sell each individual within their chosen industry. 

As a client myself, I can attest to the efficacy of Daniel’s work as the CV and counsel that he provided me with have made me more confident speaking about my achievements and professional background. His business found early success. One of the first clients that Daniel took on became his biggest advocate, and as his reputation grew, Daniel leveraged his networks in Madrid, Paris, and his native New York to develop this company into a full-time gig. 

“I had a year of career anxiety where my future was completely up in the air. I experienced a lot of self-doubt. Something I’ve always had a knack for was writing resumes and cover letters tailored to job descriptions. When I had the epiphany that I’m good at this, and that helping others with it could be my job, I invested in a template-generating software and enrolled in online classes in recruitment in order to familiarize myself with the expectations of people in the field”. 

Within a matter of months, Daniel was able to do the work he loves full time, for both local and remote clients. He is passionate about giving people the support that he wishes he had received during his time of professional crisis.

The sheer variety of Daniel’s clients speaks to his skill in the field of recruitment and careers. He has clientele in developing countries and throughout Europe and North America, and he makes new contacts wherever he goes.

His black book of satisfied customers includes a high-level executive of a household-name fashion label, a former executive assistant to a notorious public figure, directors and producers for HBO and Netflix, as well as NGO employees, law enforcement personnel, interpreters, educators, and academics. Daniel’s clients range from junior to senior in rank, but they all share the goal of self-improvement and professional growth.

Indeed, one of the main pieces of advice he gives to those seeking to better their professional prospects is to have a coherent goal in mind. He helps clients to identify unique specializations that speak to their goals. If you want to feel more empowered, identify as an expert in your field, he says. For example, all auxiliary teachers should consider themselves “bilingual education specialists.” For fellow freelancers like himself, Daniel highlights the necessity of being disciplined, organized and confident, using LinkedIn aggressively, networking, and never being afraid to ask for help.

With triple citizenship (USA-Mexico-Poland), Daniel has lived between Madrid and Paris since 2012. Madrid is special, he notes, because the international community rallies to support innovative ideas. His own business has benefited from that support, and Daniel is delighted to be able to give back by collaborating with MFR.

As Daniel’s business grows, he encounters his own challenges, such as striking a work-life balance. Despite his desire to find more personal time, his passion for writing about the lives of others is such that, for now, he remains a very busy man. On a weekly basis, Daniel can be found bringing the stories of fascinating people to life, whether they are top corporate executives or recently arrived members of the Madrid refugee community. No matter their situation, people who are seeking to better their lives have entrusted their stories to Daniel.

And you can do the same! Come along to the MFR CV Writing Workshop – with Daniel Catalan on Saturday, February 22 between 13:30 and 19:30 – @MFR headquarters, Calle Victoria 9, 1a

Register here. The workshops will be held on Saturday February 22nd in 1.5 hour timeslots and in groups of 3-4 people maximum. In order for us to find a suitable group for you (similar industries/skills), please register your interest at this form and we’ll get back to you with registration details.

Photos by James Stiles of Labl Foto.