Refugee Food Festival

Refugee Food Festival

If you’re looking for a delicious way to support the refugee community in Madrid and to celebrate World Refugee Day, look no further than MFR’s and ACNUR’s co-collaboration with the Refugee Food Festival.

Food is a powerful and universal way to bring people together, which is what inspired French NGO Food Sweet Food and their co-organizer, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, to found this unique culinary event.

Last year as part of World Refugee Day on June 20th, the first-ever Refugee Food Festival was held in Paris. The 2016 edition was held in eleven restaurants where more than 1,000 people ate from exclusive menus created by chefs from India, Iran, Ivory Coast, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Syria.

This year the festival has expanded to include thirteen different European cities, including Madrid! From June 19th through the 25th, six different chefs will team with local restaurants to showcase their culinary skills.

The Refugee Food Festival is an incredible opportunity for people to learn about another culture through their food traditions. However, it’s not just about pleasing your taste buds! By showcasing their skills in local restaurants, chefs are integrated into the local restaurant community, where they meet a dedicated crowd of volunteers and restaurateurs.

Most importantly, however, the Refugee Food Festival has the power to challenge the perceptions of refugees. Much of the dialogue surrounding the refugee crisis is focused on the passive aspects of people’s lives. By coming together over a meal, our focus is directed instead to the talent, passion, and skills of individuals, rather than a stigma or story of how they came to live outside their home country.

Food prepared by Al-Aga restaurant owner and Syrian refugee, Labib
~ photo by Jane Mitchell

What’s not to love? Chefs get to meet industry insiders, restaurants get to discover new techniques and dishes, and we get to try new incredible foods while supporting a good cause. Come show your solidarity and celebrate World Refugee Day by supporting the Madrid edition of the Refugee Food Festival.

The Refugee Food Festival is in Madrid from June 19th-25th. Visit the MFR Events page for further details about the different restaurants, chefs, and cuisines to be featured. Dates and details for other participating European cities can be found on the Refugee Food Festival website or Facebook page.