Community Integration

MFR organizes events and classes at the refugee centers, to help refugees integrate and maintain a sense of normalcy. We have organized guitar lessons, yoga, football, Spanish and English classes, etc.

Once refugees move out of the centre, they have to start a new life from scratch, in a country where they often do not speak the language and are unfamiliar with the culture. MFR provides them support in this difficult transitional period. We assist in finding employment opportunities, creating CVs and preparation for interviews. We also connect them with relevant job search outlets and training tools such as free Spanish classes and professional courses.

Are you a refugee-friendly business? We need your help! 
We are collecting information about refugee-friendly businesses in Madrid so we can match job-seeking refugees with the right positions. Fill out the short questionnaire below about your own place of work and then share it with your friends and contacts in Madrid.
A big thank you!

Form for Refugee-Friendly Businesses