We are currently an all volunteer-run organization with over 50 volunteers. Our volunteers come with a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, languages, and knowledge. Volunteers act as translators, plan events, partner with NGOs, work on communications, create budgets, pick up and organize donations, help refugees find jobs, teach coding classes and more. Each volunteer plays an important role in our work and the continued growth of MFR as we strive to help refugees integrate into Spanish society and empower them to create their own opportunities here, while also working to educate locals about the refugee crisis affecting Europe.

We are only accepting volunteers who will be here for at least six months. It is also helpful if you have been in Madrid for at least a year, but not necessary. If this changes and we need any short-term volunteers, we will reach out via our Facebook page!

We also have many community members helping us through fundraising, which have enabled us to more effectively provide donations and start refugee-taught cooking classes. If you have a skill and want to help us financially, we welcome your ideas and support! We are very thankful for people who have helped us through donation-taught yoga classes, trivia nights, and more.

If you’re committed to helping MFR through this year and beyond, please fill out the Volunteer Form

With any questions, contact our volunteer managers at volunteer@madridforrefugees.org.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer Coordinator

Tasks :

    • Organize informational meetings to tell potential new volunteers about MFR’s goals and activities
    • Support all team leaders in finding volunteers for their teams and in training them
    • Interview potential long-term volunteers for senior positions
    • Support the coding program by finding instructors to teach the coding classes
    • Organise internal events (picnics, drinks…) to promote team building
    • Keep volunteers database up to date
  • Answer emails and questions from potential volunteers

Skills :

    • Fluent in Spanish and English
    • Good organizational skills
    • Flexible hours
    • Good writing skills
    • Good oral presentation skills and confidence speaking in public
  • Time commitment : 4-5 hours a week. Needs to be in Madrid for at least a year.

Events Co-Manager

Tasks :

    • Work in collaboration with the other events manager in organizing regular fundraising events and managing volunteers on the team
    • Organize and lead brainstorming meetings  
    • Monitor Slack and email to touch base with volunteers and other teams
    • Contact and build relationships with potential event collaborators
    • Lead the logistics and organization of the events
  • Occasionally attend some of the events to help set up, run them and answer questions from volunteers and from attendees

Skills :

    • Fluent in English and Spanish
    • Good communication skills (written and spoken)
    • Previous experience in events organization or coordination
    • Good people management skills
    • Creativity and ability to take initiative
  • Time commitment : About 5 hours/week. Needs to be in Madrid for at least a year.

Communications Co-Manager

Tasks :

    • Work in collaboration with the events and cooking solidario teams to promote all of our events on social media and get people interested in attending
    • Manage MFR social media channels (primarily Facebook and Instagram)
    • Write social media posts to share summaries of the different events we held
    • Think about innovative ways to make people aware of MFR’s work in the local Madrid community to be able to get more participation
  • When needed, represent MFR as a spokesperson in Spanish and English (must be comfortable doing brief interviews in either language)

Skills :

    • Fluent in Spanish and English, but Spanish is a priority
    • Good knowledge of social media and good writing skills
    • Well connected in Madrid, able to tap into networks and communities to disseminate content
    • Experience interacting with journalists and media is a plus
    • Flexibility and ability to respond quickly to requests from other MFR teams
  • Time commitment : 3 to 4 hours a week. Needs to be in Madrid for at least a year.

Donations Team Co-Manager

Tasks :

    • Manage team of volunteers who pick up and drop off donations
    • Be the contact for donors, families, and refugee centers via email and Whatsapp
    • Coordinate with donors, volunteers, families, government refugee centers and sometimes moving companies to pick up and deliver donations
    • Be the contact for families to update us on their needs and serve as a resource
    • Occasionally present about MFR’s initiatives and projects to other organizations and the public in Spanish and English
    • Copy-edit occasional social media posts in Spanish and English
    • Keep track of Donations Team history and all confidential family information
    • Keep other team leaders up to date on our activity, write newsletter updates
  • Coordinate with schools and companies as they do donation drives for us

Skills :

    • Good knowledge of English and Spanish, some Arabic a plus
    • Good communication, people management, organization, logistics and writing skills
    • Flexibility and ability to respond quickly to requests, emergencies, emails, texts and questions
  • Time commitment : 0-10 hours a week, totally depending on need. Must plan on being in Madrid for at least a year.

Donations Team Volunteer

    • Pick up donations from donors’ houses and drop them off at their destinations around Madrid, sometimes even to Alcobendas and Aranjuez
    • Access to a car or van a plus, but not mandatory, as donations can be transported on public transit
    • Flexible hours, pick ups/drop offs could be once a month or however often you are able
  • Occasionally must review and sort donations, and designate them for specific destinations

Spanish tutor

  • Arabic-speaking Spanish tutor needed for two adults (beginners) in Vallecas.


Tasks : 

  • Tracking and control of invoices
  • Tracking and control of receipts
  • Monthly reporting of revenues and expenses
  • Quarterly reporting of VAT
  • Support in any finance issue related to taxes or VAT

Skills : 

  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Good organizational skills
  • Flexible hours 
  • Excel experience and good with numbers
  • Time commitment : 2 hours a week. Needs to be in Madrid for at least a year.