We are currently an all volunteer-run organization with over 50 volunteers. Our volunteers come with a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, languages, and knowledge. Volunteers act as translators, plan events, partner with NGOs, work on communications, create budgets, pick up and organize donations, help refugees find jobs, teach coding classes and more. Each volunteer plays an important role in our work and the continued growth of MFR as we strive to help refugees integrate into Spanish society and empower them to create their own opportunities here, while also working to educate locals about the refugee crisis affecting Europe.

We are only accepting volunteers who will be here for at least six months. It is also helpful if you have been in Madrid for at least a year, but not necessary. If this changes and we need any short-term volunteers, we will reach out via our Facebook page!

We also have many community members helping us through fundraising, which have enabled us to more effectively provide donations and start refugee-taught cooking classes. If you have a skill and want to help us financially, we welcome your ideas and support! We are very thankful for people who have helped us through donation-taught yoga classes, trivia nights, and more.

If you’re committed to helping MFR through this year and beyond, please fill out the Volunteer Form

With any questions, contact our volunteer managers at volunteer@madridforrefugees.org.