So, this is Christmas..

It’s been less than four months since we first met,  volunteers formed into teams sat around tables with pens and paper, brainstorming ideas about how we could best help in the refugee crisis.

So, what have we done since then?

Families supported: 65% Syrian, 10% Iraqi, 10% Nigerian, 5% Honduran, 5% Mozambican, 5% Eritrean
our-work: Donation drives in drop-off locations throughout the city to send donations to Syria through AAPS as well as to refugees to Madrid. Collaborate with NGOS to help provide classes and other support. Collaborate with businesses and NGO's to help find suitable employment for their refugees currently residing in Madrid. Promote NGO fundraisers and refugee-run businesses in Madrid. Use social media presence to promote refugee-run businesses and spread awareness.

donations: eiderdowns, blankets, pushchair, furniture, rugs, clothing for children and adults, toys. Food, kitchen items, toiletries, hairdressing equipment for a professional hairdresser to set up work, electricity, gas heaters, connector hoses

by the-numbers: over 20 families supported. 15 CVS on file for refugees with work permits seeking work in Madrid,. Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Tamil language services provided. Over 10 drop-off around Madrid.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your help in making this happen.

We aim to continue making meaningful changes to the lives of refugees in the new year. Stay tuned for a big announcement soon!