Laughing for good reason—Madrid for Refugees’ first benefit comedy night

This past weekend was jam packed with events supporting Madrid of Refugees, including their first ever benefit comedy night!

In collaboration with Freshly Comedy, Fox Jokes, and Stand Up Yours, Madrid for Refugees hosted two English comedy shows at the Beer Station, just off Plaza Santo Domingo.

While guests swilled beers before the show, the comedians bellied up to the bar and said friendly hellos. Just before 9:30 pm, the first group made its way to a private back room and settled in for a night of laughs.

The show began with an ice breaker, where our host encouraged us to introduce ourselves to our neighbors. As soon as we finished, he quickly began picking apart our conversations and getting us all to laugh at each other.

The 9:30 pm show host, Steve Loader, warming up the crowd.
Once we were sufficiently warmed up, three different stand-up acts kept us laughing. From left to right: Dan Feist, Khephra Alejandro White, and Richard Watson.
After a quick break, we returned to our seats with fresh drinks for the improv part of the evening. Audience participation was a requirement and everyone shouted creative prompts to the comedians on stage.
During one of the last improv segments, MFR’s own Christina Samson got in on the action—hint, she provides the arms in this scene!

Those who came (or stayed!) for the second show at 11:30 pm were treated to a whole new cast of stand-up comedians and improv. No matter which you saw, you definitely got your money’s worth in laughs, all while helping MFR get closer to its fundraising goals.

Best of all, at the end of the night, Madrid for Refugees raised over 700€! It was an awesome way to raise much-needed support for Espacio MFR and is hopefully only the first of these events. A big thank you goes out to Bryn Gorry of the MFR Fundraising Team for making it happen, as well as to Freshly Comedy, Fox Jokes, Stand Up Yours, and Beer Station.

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